Robin Graham Senior Compositor / Comp Sup


Nuke, After Effects, Digital Fusion, Syntheyes, Boujou, Cebas Finalrender, Linux, Maya, Photoshop, Rush, 3ds Max, Vray,
Nuke gizmos, Nuke python scripting.


Pixomondo 3/12- current
"Spiderman" Compositing Supervisor

Method Studio 5/11- 3/12
"Wrath of the Titans" Compositing Supervisor

Digital Domain 12/10- 5/11
"Transformers 3" Senior Compositor

Columbia Pictures 12/09-06/10
"Battle: Los Angeles" Compositing Supervisor

Method Studio 9/10-10/10
"Gulliver's Travels" Compositing Supervisor

Compositing Lecturer 03/10
5 hours of lecturing on compositing for 2012 in Korea

Luma Pictures 10/09-01/10
"Percy Jackson" Senior Compositor

Scanline VFX 05/09-07/09
“2012” Senior Compositor

Uncharted Territory 10/08 – Present
“2012” Compositor
Café FX, Santa Maria, CA 12/05 – 10/08
Uncharted Territory 07/05 – 12/05
"The Triangle" Lead Compositor


“Spiderman” Composiing Supervisor
“Wrath of the Titans” Composiing Supervisor
“Transfromers 3” Senior Compositor
"Gulliver's Travels” Composiing Supervisor
“Battle: Los Angeles” Composiing Supervisor
“Percy Jackson” Senior Compositor, Lighter
“2012” Senior Compositor
“Whiteout” Compositor
“Redcliff” Compositor
“Nims Island” Lead Compositor
“John Adams” Lead Compositor, Emmy Award winning team
“Spiderman 3” Compositor, 3D artist
“The Kite Runner” Lead Compositor
“Snakes on a Plane” Compositor
“The Sunday Man” Compositor
“Scary Movie 4” Compositor
“Keith” Compositor
“Astronaut Farmer” Compositor
“The Triangle” Lead Compositor Emmy Award
“Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow” Assistant Technical Director
“The Day After Tomorrow” Assistant Technical Director
“Hellboy” Assistant Technical Director


Gaming/Other Experience:

  • 01/08 - present
Owner/Creator iPhone apps and web development
  • Korn 3D Video Big Bear Entertainment 05/06
3D Modeler/Texture Artist
    “8 Days” Café FX 05/06
  • Freelance 10/04 – 09/05
Web designer, motion graphics artist, modeler/texture artist, HDRI creation.
  • Electronic Arts 05/04 – 10/04
Texture Artist / Modeler on “The Urbz”
  • Spectralogue 12/02-01/08
Owner, Small business selling texture and image cds. On my own time I have shot and organized over 2000 highres textures.
  • Mondo Media 07/03 – 10/03
Modeler/Texture Artist/Compositor/Render Wrangler
I worked on Magic for the PC and The Sims for the PC.
  • Robots of Mars 05/03 – 07/03
Texture Artist / Lighting
  • Sinoma Wire Works 08/02-11/03
Modeler/ Texture Artist
Working on photo-real UI
  • Lightspeed Games Inc. 02/01 – 05/03
Texture Artist / Modeler /Video Effects Artist
Worked on multiple PS2/XBOX games.
  • Ex'Pression Center For New Media 2000
Maya Advanced Texture and Lighting Instructor
  • Ex'Pression Center For New Media 2000
After Effects Compositing Instructor
  • Film Arts Foundation 2000
After Effects Lab Instructor

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