Soyoun Lee Compositor

Sony Pictures Imageworks Men in Black III Compositor 2012
Logan Comcast Compositor 2011
Digital Kitchen AT&T Compositor 2011
Prologue The Twilight Saga Compositor 2011
Digital Domain Gears of War Compositor 2011
Method Studios
Transformers 3 Compositor 2011
Fast and Furious 5 Compositor 2011
Digital Domain
Commercial Projects Compositor 2010
Green Hornet Compositor 2010
Look FX
Lost Compositor 2010
Alice in Wonderland Compositor 2010
Surrogates Compositor 2009
Gamer Compositor 2009
The Orphanage
Iron Man Compositor 2008
  John Woo's Red Cliff Compositor 2008
  The Spirit Compositor 2008
The Orphanage
You Don't Mess with Zohan Compositor 2007
  I Love You, Beth Cooper Compositor 2007
  Planet Terror Senior Roto/Paint 2007
  Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Senior Roto/Paint 2007
  Live Free of Die Hard Senior Roto/Paint 2007
  Grind House Senior Roto/Paint 2007
  In the Name of the King Roto/Paint Artist 2007
  The Last Mimzy Roto/Paint Artist 2007
  Blade Runner (Digitally restored version) Roto/Paint Artist 2007
The Orphanage
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Roto/Paint Artist 2006
  Superman Returns Roto/Paint Artist 2006
  The Host Roto/Paint Artist 2006
  (Awarded Best Visual Effects Film of the year 2006 in South Korea)    

    TV Commercials

    LEXUS (golf tournament), SAAB (Jet), Humira, Excel gum, Disney Toy Story Mania, Disney Flight and Dumbo, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), Comcast, Benadryl, Ruby Tuesday


    Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

    Bachelor of Arts, VFX/Compositing Major, 2008

    Yong-In University, Kyougnki-do, Korea

    Associate of Art, 2D/3D Computer Animation major, 2000

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